Flight Expert is proud to announce that first ever OTA in Bangladesh to introduce Easy EMI facility to you. Flight Expert's Easy EMI offer will enable you to purchase your air tickets or hotel booking online, where the purchase amount has to be anything above BDT 5000. This EMI scheme from Flight Expert is a special financial scheme that allows users to buy expensive air tickets or hotel booking under EMI, but not requiring them to pay any additional costs and only adding a convenience fee (Non-refundable). Our Easy EMI plan enables you to book your next trip with us keeping everything on your budget.

Please note, the easy Equal Monthly Installments (EMI) is solely offered by Flight Expert that allows you to purchase services (air tickets and/or hotel booking) available on Flight Expert website of a deferred payment plan using your credit card from the following banks:

Things you should know about EMI


  • ALL cards do not qualify for EMI. Please contact your bank to see if your card qualifies for EMI.
  • If a disqualifying card is used for EMI payment, customer cannot avail EMI on that purchase.
  • The purpose of EMI is to enable the Card members to purchase goods and services offered by merchants and transfer such transaction(s) to EMI using the limit available on his/her Credit Card and repay the amount of the purchase in monthly installments in accordance with this EMI terms and conditions.
  • EMI is available for primary Credit Card members & shall only be offered to those card members who are abided by the credit card terms and conditions meet the minimum transaction floor limit and has the required credit limit on his/her credit card account.
  • The card member shall pay the total EMI price additionally the processing fee of the bank for the entire payment period in equal monthly installments.
  • The EMI terms and conditions may vary from one offer to another based on the nature of offer and duration of the installment plan opted by the card member regulated by Flight Expert.
  • Cardholder must comply with the payment procedure depends on the requirement from specific banks.
  • Convenience Fee of the EMI is non-refundable.
  • Based on the acceptance of the EMI transaction, the first EMI installment shall be billed to the card member in the immediate billing statement and subsequent EMI installments shall be billed to every month thereafter until the EMI price is billed in full.

  • After booking air ticket or hotels from Flight Expert website, you will be taken to payment confirmation page to enter your payment information.
  • All information related to your Card/Bank Account will be exclusively dealt by the Payment gateway and the Bank.

Customers unable to purchasing any air tickets or hotel services intended to complete payment via EMI, are advised to contact Flight Expert Support Team at +88-09617-111-888 or sales@flightexpert.com to acquire the service if technical issue arises, however the other financial or bank related issues must be resolved solely by the following bank and the customer.
The Terms and Conditions are governed by, and constructed in accordance with, the laws of Bangladesh, without reference to the conflict of law rules.

Book flights to pay with EMI

Flight Expert’s Easy EMI is available on all the flights & hotels equal to or greater than 5,000 BDT cart value. Depending on the bank policy, you can get upto 36 months tenure for the payment on checkout.

For EMI Transactions to be approved your total cart value should be equal to or less than the available credit limit on your credit card. Once a purchase is completed through using EMI, it will take up to 7-10 working days for the installment to reflect on your credit card statement depending on the banks.
Please note that the full outstanding payment will be blocked on your account until the installment repayments have been completed. The blocked amount will also be visible on your statement.

How to Book Flights/Hotels with EMI

Let’s assume you have searched for a flight/hotel from www.flightexpert.com & booked it. After booking, you have to review and accept the rules and regulations carried by Flight Expert, then tick the payment option of Pay with Bangladeshi Taka.

Moving further, our payment gateway will let you choose whether you want to pay now or pay with EMI. Click Pay with EMI.

After clicking the following button, the EMI Process tab will show up. Select your preferred bank from the list.

After selecting bank, you get to choose the plan of monthly installments. This tab will also show you how much of convenience fee you owe to the bank.

Go through our terms & conditions then click on Pay Now. Voila! You have successfully purchased your desired flight and hotel with EMI from Flight Expert.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An Easy Monthly Instalment (EMI) is a fixed payment amount made by a borrower (customer) to a lender (Bank) at a specified date of each calendar month.

Please check the below mentioned list of facilitated banks:

  • Bank Asia
  • BRAC Bank
  • City Bank
  • Dhaka Bank Limited
  • Dutch Bangla Bank Limited
  • Estern Bank Limited
  • Jamuna Bank
  • Mutual Trust Bank Limited
  • NCC Bank
  • Southeast Bank Limited
  • Standard Bank Limited
  • NRB Bank Limited
  • Meghna Bank Limited
  • SBAC Bank
  • Midland Bank

Only the above mentioned selected Banks are equipped with EMI facility.
Yes, Minimum purchase amount of BDT 5,000 is required to avail this facility.
You can do EMI with 0% interest rate (only bank attributed convenience fee applicable) *
Minimum 03 Months and Maximum 36 Months depending on the Bank policy. Kindly find the below chart for the threshold details
Bank Month
BRAC Bank 24
City Bank (Amex only) 36
Dhaka Bank 12
EBL 36
Jamuna Bank 36
NCC Bank 36
Southeast Bank 36
NRB Bank 36
Meghna Bank 24
SBAC Bank 24
Midland Bank 24
Bank Asia 12
Convenience fee is totally non-refundable.
This is totally a digital EMI, customers are not required to submit any hard copy in this regard.
Kindly contact with your card issuing Bank for the details.
EMI is only possible with mentioned Banks’ credit cards.
Yes, for some Bank you might need to increase the E-commerce limit for certain transactions.
Yes, it is possible with Make Payment option with the validation of Flight Expert Support.
No, EMI is applicable only for Bangladeshi selected Banks with BDT currency.
A convenience Fee is an EMI processing Fee which is charged solely by the Bank for processing the EMI transactions.
Yes, you can book hotels with EMI.
You can, but we always prefer users to use Flight Expert web portal or mobile app in order to pay through our secured payment gateway from anywhere.
No, refund will be processed to the identical card which used for EMI payment.
The consumer(s) will not get the Ticket confirmation email if the booking gets failed. In that case, you must notify Flight Expert team within 48 hours of your booking time. In case of failure to notify within 48 hours, the EMI will be activated along with the deduction of the convenience fee which is totally non-refundable.
The Terms and Conditions are governed by, and constructed in accordance with, the laws of Bangladesh, without reference to the conflict of law rules.
We will process full refund if airlines permit but convenience fee is non-refundable.
Yes, it is possible but you have to confirm the payment by using our Make Payment option with consulting our operation team.
Kindly find the below chart
Month Convenience Fee
3 3%
6 4.5%
9 6.5%
12 8.5%
18 11.5%
24 15.5%
30 16.5%
36 19.5%