Top Tourist Attractions In Ubud

Top tourist attractions in Ubud –  Ubud in Bali is a tourist-friendly place where you can do and explore a lot of things, and above all the scenario of nature provides a wonderful view. The place has beautiful temples and rice terraces along hillsides and Balinese dances and other different types of dances to enjoy. Because of its natural beauty, it is one of the must-visit places in Indonesia. Here, we have brought you the list of Top tourist attractions in Ubud.

Tourist attractions in Ubud

Ubud is heaven for yoga lovers; Yoga Barn is the most popular Yoga center where you can get the utmost relaxation. There are many art craft markets in Ubud which offer much artistic handmade stuff. There is a lot to enjoy at this; the tour of Ubud definitely makes your tour amazing with a different experience. Along with traditional experience, you will enjoy seeing beautiful places as well. Staying in Ubud is quite relaxing and makes the one to visit again at this place.

Top Tourist Attractions In Ubud, Bali

There are many fun things to do in Ubud which impress the tourists and make them experience something new and different. You will enjoy the visit to Ubud, with a lot of interesting stuff to do. Ubud is a must in the list of tourists when visiting Bali, as the place is a worth to see. With incredible temples and beautiful fields view the whole trip turns wonderful. Scroll down for Top tourist attractions in Ubud, Bali.

Goa Gajah

Best attractions in Ubud
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The ancient temple with an iconic carved facade, the most interesting place to visit with exquisite figures from Buddism and Hindu, the temple cave was originated in the 11th century is simply because of the way its architecture. With the carved statues temple is surrounded by fountains and bathing pools. The place provides beautiful sights to the viewer, best place to visit in Ubud.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Fun things to do in Ubud
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Tegalalang Rice Terrace, the natural landscape is a must-see natural attraction with the lush green highlands surrounded by the waterfalls. You can enjoy exploring and hiking the waterfall top that is completely safe and the cliff jump of 10 meters. This is the most beautiful and adventurous place to visit and explore. One can enjoy to the fullest at this place, it is one of the top attraction in Ubud.

Agung Rai Museum of Art

Ubud top attractions
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The Agung Rai Museum of Art in Arma is famous for it’s artistic, cultural and architectural importance. You can learn the Balinese art at this place in contemporary and classical style. You can enjoy the work of artists here from across Indonesia. The cultural and traditional dance performances take place at this museum. It can make your evening worth and enjoyable with artistic work.

Ubud Monkey Forest
Top tourist attractions in Ubud
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The forest is lush with hundreds of friendly monkeys is the most happening and unmissable place in Ubud. Surrounded by tropical greeneries, towering trees spread all over 12.5 hectares of area. You can spend your day at this place with lovable macaques. There are also three sacred temples at this place. Moving your head to this forest for a day is worth and you can enjoy or explore a lot.

Things to do in Ubud

There is the number of options you can do in Ubud, the place offers several incredible sights with the things you would love to do there. It is a cultural and traditional place with colourfull art galleries and many top attractions which offers you to participate and enjoy at this place. Below are the few things you can do in Ubud.

  • Have dinner at Locavore, to experience the best fusion food with local ingredients and foreign techniques you will have the most delicious meals here.
  • Visit the textile art center, the handicraft is commendable with viewing techniques, offers you pieces of art.
  • Explore the incredible temples all around Ubud which incredible carvings of wood and beautiful deities.
  • Gianyar Night Market, sample the delights, you will experience Balinese snacks and a lot of more stuff to do in the market streets.

Best Hotels in Ubud, Bali

Luxury hotels in Ubud
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Booking the best hotel is necessary if you are planning for a tour, as getting the best services is important to add comfort to your tour. Ubud has the number of hotels with the best services where you can make your stay relaxing. Go below to check out the list of best hotels in Ubud.

  • Purana Boutique Resort.
  • The Samaya Ubud.
  • Ubud Valley Boutique Resort.
  • Amori Villas.
  • Natya Resort Ubud.
  • Komaneka at Tanggayuda Ubud.
  • Viceroy Bali.
  • Komaneka at Monkey Forest Ubud.
  • Komaneka at Bisma Ubud.

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