Top Tourist Attractions In Hanoi

Top Tourist Attractions in Hanoi –  The capital city of Vietnam “Hanoi” also spell as Ha Noi city, situated northern Vietnam on the western bank of the Red River, 85 miles inland from the South China Sea. Hanoi has been transformed into an industrial and agricultural center from a primary city since 1954. Hanoi is the most interesting city to visit. The place is still trying to retain its distinctive rich history and heritage. Scroll down to know top attractions in Hanoi.

Top attractions in Hanoi
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Hanoi is the second largest city in Vietnam with 8 million inhabitants. The city is occupied with lots of luxury shops and serves as the beautiful and educational window in the country. Hanoi provides a fantastic blend of East and West to the travelers. Also, it is an amazing blend of communist block buildings, French Colonial relics, and Asian Pagodas. The city offers many top attractions with great fun and adventure to visitors.

Top Tourist Attractions In Hanoi

Capture the essence of Vietnamese life by diving into Hanoi’s pulsating city streets. The city’s traditional culture manages both showcases of old and modern Vietnam.  The contemporary scenes and the vibrant cafe, restaurants provide a marvelous view of Hanoi. You can enjoy the visit to the city to its fullest. There are many interesting places in Hanoi to visit.

Hanoi offers a bundle of beautiful sites where you can escape for peace. You can also go for Temple of Literature and Vietnam Museum to know the grand history of Vietnam. Roaming on streets, enjoying in bars restaurants, beautiful sights, museums, and many more things to enjoy in Hanoi makes your tour amazing. Below are the Top tourist sights of Hanoi.

Hanoi’s West Lake

Places of interest in Hanoi
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The topmost attraction for the tourists is the largest urban lake Hanoi’s West Lake. With a large number of luxury shops, restaurants and hotels it is a popular location. It is the home to one of Hanoi’s four sacred temples as well as old pagoda of the city. Along with the boardwalk, shopping, sightseeing, dining the place is fantastic to visit.

Temple of Literature

Famous attractions in Hanoi
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This is Confucius temple and home of nation’s first university, built in 1070. During the Asian New Year, calligraphists write good wishes in Han characters at the steps of the temple to give as gifts. The temple was built to replicate Confucius’ birthplace. There is also a series of 100 carved blue stone turtles, honors those who passed the royal exams.

Hoan Kiem Lake

Must visit attractions in Hanoi
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The lake marks the historical center of ancient Hanoi, also known as the lake of the returned sword. The lake attracts the tourists and locals as well, it is the best place to escape from the noise and one can enjoy the peaceful surroundings with Ngoc Son Temple. Also, the temple was built in 13th century, by Tran Hung Dao who was who was famous for the bravery in battle against Yuan Dynasty.

Thang Long Water Puppet Theater

Best Hanoi Attractions
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The theatre makes the visitor enjoy the peasant art form that began in thousand years ago in the rice paddies. The opera is performed with traditional Vietnamese instruments. Also, the puppets were carved and puppeteers stand in the water of the paddies. You can sit and enjoy the meal while discovering this ancient dramatic art.

Things To Do In Hanoi

The visit is incomplete without doing interesting things in Hanoi, exploring and enjoying new things at the new place are always adventurous. And it is more amazing when the place offers many options. Here are the things to enjoy in Hanoi.

  • Walk around the lake, the lake is one the scenic point to visit where you can enjoy the peace and harmony.
  • Visit Hỏa Lò Prison (former prison, now a museum), it is a worth to visit this place and you will get in touch with the grand history.
  • Join the retro games on weekend nights, like tug of war and other board games; it would be an interesting and amazing experience.
  • Live Music at Night, there are many places in the city to enjoy the night live music of Hanoi.

Hotels In Hanoi 

To select the best hotel for yourself to get complete comfort and best services on your tour to Hanoi is important. Here we are with the list of best hotels in Hanoi.

Top hotels in Hanoi
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  • Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi.
  • JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi.
  • InterContinental Hanoi Westlake.
  • InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72.
  • Fraser Suites Hanoi.
  • Pan Pacific Hanoi.
  • Apricot Hotel.
  • Hotel Nikko Hanoi.

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