Top Tourist Attractions In Cairo

Top tourist attractions in Cairo –  Cairo is one of the world’s megacities, that is both beautiful and crazy in its own ways. If you talk about the tourist attractions in Cairo, then the city is filled with them. Cairo, the capital of Egypt will love you back in every sense. Your trip to Egypt would not be completed if you miss on visiting Cairo or the city that Arabs like to call Umm Ad Dunya i.e. the mother of the world. Here, we will let you know about the best tourist-friendly attractions in Cairo.

Cairo Tourist attractions

People have a love-hate relationship with this city for a long time now. This is because of the noise, pollution and unbearable traffic that travelers definitely do not deserve on their vacation. But if you get down in the dirt, you will surely see the true colors of this city drenched in the history and culture. You are definitely going to feel the Egyptian lifestyle in this city.

The list of best tourist attractions in Cairo

Tourist attractions in Cairo
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Cairo is a beautiful city and its attractions draw most of the tourists to Egypt than any other country in the world. With the pyramids of Giza, Egyptian Museum and much more, this city will let you vacation in peace. Here, we will let you know the list of the must-visit attractions in Cairo that you cannot miss at any cost.

Pyramids of Giza

Pyramid of Giza is a half day trip and number one attractions in Cairo that most tourists are attracted to. It has everything to be your must do attraction in Cairo’s itinerary. They are located right at the edge of the city and still manage to be the top attraction in the country. Despite the heat, dust, and crowd, you just cannot miss a trip to Pyramids of Giza. It is also known as the Great Pyramid or Pyramid of Khufu.

The Egyptian Museum

The beautiful, stunning and antique collection in The Egyptian museum makes it one of the world’s largest museums. It would not be wrong to say that it would take a lifetime to see everything in the museum. This museum was founded in 1857 by a French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette and was moved to its current home in Cairo. There is no reason for you to miss out on this amazing place.

Al –Azhar Mosque

Al- Azhar Mosque is one of the finest buildings in Egypt and also the earliest surviving mosques. It is also one of the world’s oldest universities. This beautiful attraction also happens to be the leading theological center of the Islamic world. It is located right in the heart of Cairo and easy to reach by taxi or any other mode of transportation.

When is the best time to visit Cairo?

One of the major fears that tourists have is what if they didn’t get to see the best of the destination where they are about to visit. Well, heading to a foreign location with no planning can be a risk for the obvious reasons. Now, if you are wondering what is the best time that you can visit Cairo then do not look any further.

The best time to visit this stunning city is from March to April and from October to November. These are the best months as they will provide you with pleasant weathers, fewer tourist crowds, and affordable hotel rates. So, if you are planning to visit Cairo then do consider the aforementioned information for the perfect vacation.

Best hotels in Cairo, Egypt

Another major fear that trouble people are finding a hotel especially in a foreign location. So, if you are also worried about looking for the perfect hotel for your stay then we have got you covered. Scroll down below to check out some of the best and comfortable hotels in Cairo that you can choose from.

Tourist places in Cairo
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  • Kempinski Nile Hotel Cairo.
  • Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir.
  • Ramses Hilton.
  • Fairmont Nile City.
  • Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino.
  • Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah.
  • Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza.

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