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Top Tourist Attractions In Beijing

Top Tourist Attractions in Beijing – Beijing, the capital of China and the world’s third most populous city; where the ancient culture and modern civilization are well integrated. Millions of tourists and visitors get attracted to Beijing and visit every year to enjoy amazing scenarios and its rich culture which makes Beijing a top tourist attraction. Here, we will discuss the list of the best tourist attractions in Beijing.

Tourist attractions in Beijing
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Beijing by its long history endowed with rare cultural heritage. The poetic and picturesque summer palace is wonderful and classic work of the imperial garden. And the Great Wall is one of the world’s wonders and the only man-made piece of architecture. Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven are the masterpieces of ancient Chinese architectural art. These are listed in the World Cultural Heritage by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. (UNESCO)

Top Tourist Attractions In Beijing

Beijing’s culture is a unique collection of architecture, cuisine, arts, and other cultural facets. The Beijing tour is incomplete without imperial architecture, the narrow hutong lanes and the Forbidden City. Beijing is rich in its culture and architecture, with a wide and interesting history. The Beijing opera and cuisine like a roast duck is magnificence of Chinese culture. There are many more attractions in Beijing. The city has a wide history and world-famous architecture pieces, the city is a worth to visit and a number of tourists visit every year to enjoy the heritage of this city. Scroll down below to check out some of the must-visit attractions in Beijing.

The Imperial Palace and the Forbidden City

Famous attractions in Beijing
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The Imperial Palace is also known as the Forbidden City, it is the most interesting attractions of Beijing. This wonderful and beautiful place is home to 24 Ming and Qing Emperors. The complex of Forbidden covers 720,000 square meters surrounded by the 10-meter high wall with towers in all the four corners. Other highlights include Meridian Gate, Golden River bridges, the hall of preserving harmony, the palace of heavenly purity and the hall of military courage. The Beijing tour is incomplete without a visit to Forbidden City.

The Great Wall of China

Must visit attractions in Beijing
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The Great Wall of China is one of the famous historic structures in the world. Badaling pass, the first part of the wall where visitors can have a walk and enjoy the impressive section of the Great Wall, on the way you will enjoy numerous towers offers the amazing views and scenarios which amaze the viewer. Furthermore, you can also enjoy cable car ride up to the wall. The Great Wall is a beautiful place to visit and explore.

Tiananmen Square

Best attractions in Beijing
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Tiananmen Square, world’s largest inner-city square, it is built to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Chinese’s Republic in 1958; it is designed to hold a million people from all around the world. Highlights of the place Tiananmen Gate- the gate of heavenly peace and the Monument to the people’s heroes 38 meters obelisk consists of 17,000 pieces of granite and marble. The most happening place to visit in Beijing; where you can enjoy the day with your family or friends.

The Temple of Heaven

Top attractions in Beijing
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The Temple of Heaven is Beijing’s most sacred building, surrounded by lush vegetation. Built in 1420, is a customary Chinese fashion wood without nails. The hall has three-tier marble terrace and the roof covered with 50,000 blue glazed tiles. Another highlight the Hall of Vault of Heaven with blue-tiled conical roof and it’s a must visit Echo Wall which echoes even quietest of voices. It surely is an amazing and interesting place to visit.

Things To Do In Beijing

There are lots of interesting things to do in Beijing, as it is a city with lots of stuff to enjoy, explore and beautiful scenarios is something which will make your tour to Bejing marvelous and will cherish the memories of beautiful Bejing. Let’s have a look at the interesting things which you can do and enjoy in Beijing.

  • Feast at Mr. Shi’s Dumplings, if you love dumplings then it is a must to visit here.
  • Visit the Bell and Drum Towers, entirely for the musical reasons now the top attraction for visitors, here you can enjoy drum performances.
  • Great views at Jingshan Park, this place provide amazingly wonderful sights to the viewer and a complete look at Forbbiden City.
  • Day trip to the Great Wall, enjoy the world’s wonder The Great Wall Of China, which is the topmost attraction in the entire world.

Hotels In Beijing, China

Best hotels in Beijing
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It is for sure that one must want a comfortable zone for themselves when on a trip. And choosing the best hotel for you must be the priority for everyone. If you are planning to visit Beijing then here we are to help you with the top hotels in Beijing.

  • Bejing Airport Silver Ocean Hotel.
  • Jinjiang Inn Beijing Daxing Development Zone.
  • Sunrise Kempinski Hotel.
  • Beijing Asia Pacific Garden Hotel.
  • Holidays Inn Resort Yanqing.

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