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Top Attractions in Halifax –  Halifax is the capital city of Nova Scotia and is also called the Economic hub of Atlantic Canada. With warm summers and relatively mild winters, Halifax has a humid continental climate. This city also has a variety of public spaces and it also happens to be one of the liveliest cities in Canada. You can explore a ton of tourist-friendly attractions in Halifax with your loved ones any time of the year.

Tourist attractions in Halifax

If you have on visited Halifax yet, then put it on the list right away. Halifax is preeminent Canadian Tourist destination that is famous worldwide. It is the place with a fascinating history and is also unique in the world. You will extend your trip to Halifax for sure once you analyze what makes Halifax so great. You will definitely enjoy while discovering the culture, natural beauty, and history of this beautiful city. The city does have many attractions that make anyone excited to explore more and more. The city is so beautiful and gives the treat to your eyes.

Top famous attractions in Halifax 2019

Halifax is the city which attracts tourists from all over the world. Its weather is completely influenced by Ocean and also this city is foggy and misty. Halifax Airport is Canada’s 8th busiest airport which welcomes 3.9 million passengers annually. Halifax is near to New York and Boston which further give you more reasons to be in this stunning city. There are many beaches in Halifax that will prove out to be an escape from your hectic lives. So, now let us have a look on top must-visit attractions in Halifax.

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

It was built in 1856 above the city’s downtown. It is the historic fort series that shows the changes over time. It was rebuilt three times but what will surprise you is that it has never been attacked once. Highlanders are there in their period uniform. The sound of bagpipes and drums will definitely boost your spirit up. You will experience completely old historic feel once you will visit Halifax Citadel National historic site. This place is highly recommended for the tourists all around the world especially the history lovers.

Halifax Harbourfront

Surrounded by the beautiful sparkling ocean, working port, shopping centers, and restaurants; this place surely is a treat to the sore eyes. This place is one of the most beautiful spots in Halifax. You can spend the entire day at this place which will provide you amazing see sights. Exciting events for families and many other night parties will attract you to the beautiful city. Beautiful restaurant with a terrace overlooking the harbor will make the view a thousand times better.

Peggy’s Cove

On the rugged Atlantic coast, it’s a little delightful bay. The placer is generally occupied by tourists as the beautiful sightseeing no one wants to miss. This place is always on the top in the list of tourists. The unique lighthouse, colorful houses granite bluffs make the spot more special and beautiful.  The ocean hitting the rugged stones gives the eyes an amazing view. So, if you miss out on this place, you will surely miss one of the mesmerizing views in Halifax.

Harbor Cruises

You cannot miss Harbor Cruise in Halifax. You can enjoy can enjoy this view on a cruise that is 40 meters long Ship, Silva or on the tugboat, Theodore. Consider Halifax Harbor Hopper Tour that will take you around the Top Attractions of Sea. You can also visit Quaker house in Dartmouth. It is the only surviving home of Quaker whalers. This view will amaze your eyes.

Things to Do In Halifax

Explore the waterfront, lined with shopping area, restaurant and fun zone. This would be amazing for sure. The view is lively during the months of summer. For children, Theodore Tugboat is the best attraction. But apart from these few things, there are other so many fun things to do in Halifax that will make you spend a little more time in here. Scroll down below to check them out.

Best tourist places in Halifax
Image source – Narcity
  • Maritime Museum of Atlantic would be the best place to visit will offer you the sight of shipping and boating history. The best place to explore with family or friends.
  • At farmer’s market, enjoy local food and wares. You can enjoy the local handmade craft. And a lot of stuff in this market that you would enjoy.
  • Discover the art of Canadian Artist and Nova Scotians at the Gallery of Nova Scotia in downtown. The museum is occupied with dozens of paintings.
  • At Fairview Lawn Cemetery you can pay the respect to the Titanic victims. 100 of graves are there on this lawn.

Hotels in Halifax

Finding hotels can be a pretty big deal if you do not have much experience in doing so. And considering the number of hotels available in Halifax, it could turn out to be super daunting for anyone to pick one. Therefore, we have compiled the list of some famous hotels in Halifax that are both affordable and luxury. Check them out below.

Top hotels in Halifax
Image source – TripAdvisor
  • Courtyard by Marriott Halifax.
  • The Prince George Hotel.
  • Comfort Inn Halifax.
  • Star of Sea B&B, Halifax.
  • Westin Nova Scotian.

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