Tour to Marlon Brando’s the most luxurious eco-friendly resort on the planet: The Brando

Hollywood legends and royal princesses have always been revered for their enviable style and penchant for luxury. There are very few people who aren’t familiar with The Don of The Godfather Trilogy – Marlon Brando. In 1967, Marlon Brando bought a tiny atoll near Tahiti to preserve it as a tropical paradise. However it is said that Marlon Brando didn’t own the place, but rather was privy to a 99 year lease to it from the French Polynesia government. The mysterious Polynesian island jewel known as Tetiaroa is a 4.5 mile wide atoll composed of 12 motus (small islands) and located just 36.5 miles (59 km) north of Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia on the island of Tahiti. Local Tahititians believe it has played an important role in their culture for hundreds of years. 

Tetiaroa is still a rather pristine South Pacific getaway for the tourists – drawing inspiration from the natural beauty and the cultural authenticity of Polynesian people. This enchanted atoll is still home to one of Tahiti’s only protected bird sanctuaries as well as an intact and healthy surrounding marine environment. 

The Brando offers carefree luxury amid pristine nature. With access to the island by private plane, the resort features 35 villas on white-sand beaches frequented by sea turtles, manta rays and exotic birds. 

The Brando had been awarded LEED Platinum certification for its carbon neutrality, the ultimate environmental accolade. And it had established a nonprofit on the island, the Tetiaroa Society, on whose advisory board sit eminent scientists and whose mandate is both to conserve, restore, and protect the atoll and to make it a model of sustainability that can be replicated elsewhere.

Many say Marlon Brando envisioned Tetiaroa as a place for environmental research and education to take place for local Tahititians and tourists. He hoped this little piece of paradise could somehow change the world through maintaining, preserving and funding greater research of the environment.

The community infrastructure on Tetiaroa is designed to allow all residents and guests to live in a neutral carbon footprint environment. Years ago Marlon Brando originated the idea of seawater-air conditioning which can reduce energy costs – the dream became reality with the help of pacific beachcombers. 

Let’s take a virtual tour to The Brando!


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