Interesting facts about Colombo

Interesting Facts About Colombo

Interesting facts about Colombo –  Are you searching for the best Interesting Facts of Colombo? If yes, then this is certainly the right place. Colombo is one of the beautiful cities in the world and Its Colombo metropolitan area has a population of 5.6 million, and 752,993 in the city. It is the financial center of the island and a popular tourist destination. Here, we will let you know about the top attractive facts about Colombo.

Colombo interesting facts

Colombo is also called the Gateway to Sri Lanka and it is kind of interesting and marvelous city where you can explore the coast, beach and even wetland. We can say that it is the where you must have to visit even once in your lifetime to live the life with nature and beauty. It is located on the west coast of the island and has a lot of steps in during the vacations as well as day to this city.

The list of best Interesting Facts about Colombo

Colombo is a marvelous place to visit and full of the modern business blocks, colonial buildings, temples, flats, and houses. This city has pursuits of shopping, fine dining, and buzzing nightlife contrast with the rest of rural, slow-paced Sri Lanka. You can also the Beach and even many of museums. It is a cosmopolitan city and it entices the tourists from all over the World. Let us check out some of the interesting facts about this cosmopolitan city, Colombo;

  • Colombo is known as the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, which attract tourist once to have a look at their place. It is located on the west coast of the island and also recognized as the Financial Island of the City.
  • A temple so called The Gangarama Vihara which is the popular venerable temples in the country. This temple is fully decorated with wonderful brass work, stone carvings, and many of the other Buddhist art that will attract the tourist and visitor how come to be there always. It actually also has a museum within it.
  • The Royal Colombo Golf Club is also an amazing place for the Golf Lovers. It may consider as the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Actually, a fact behind is that it is founded 130 years ago and it is one of the Oldest golf club ground.
  • Colombo is the biggest Shopping Hub of Sri Lanka, People from many cities as well as from many countries arrives here just to check out the shopping stock. It is One Stop for all shop.

Some other Fascinating Facts about Colombo

If you are still in confusion of visiting this amazing place then there is nothing to worry about. Here, we have come up with some of the other facts that will definitely make you book the tickets right away. Scroll down to check them all out.

  • Mount Lavinia Beach is the Perfect places here top get wet. It has the beauty of seashore and as per trending and growth now it has all covered with the Seafood restraints which call people to enjoy and grab the perfect spending time here.
  • National Museum of Colombo is in control of the government and it consists of collection related to Sri Lanka that is all about Orientation and Natural Science and many things related Sri Lanka.
  • Colombo’s most photographed sights are on an island on the east side of the lake. This lake is stunning and beautiful. Every individual gets attracted towards this place by seeing its beauty and now it is also famous as the Photography point of Colombo.
  • The amazing fact about Colombo is that it has the maximum supply of Cinnamon. Sri Lanka is famous for the best quality delivery of Cinnamon. An interesting fact is this Colombo supply almost 80% of Cinnamon all over the world.


We hope that this might have been helpful for you in some way or the other. Colombo is one of the best places to visit. Hurry up a plan to go out it is your time to book the flight tickets now. So, go ahead and browse all the travel portals to book the tickets right away.


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