Interesting Facts About Sri Lanka

Interesting facts about Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka is a hidden gem of the Indian Ocean, which offers every interesting thing that a traveler could desire. The country is rich and fascinating with a number of beautiful beaches and amazing wildlife that adds great fun to tourist’s tour. You can get to enjoy verdant rainforests, misty hills, and miles of dazzling beaches, where you feel to have a perfect holiday destination. Scroll below to know more interesting facts about Sri Lanka.

Top interesting facts about Sri Lanka
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With the intriguing history and delicious cuisines, the country offers a variety of things that add more amusement to the Sri Lanka trip. With 8 UNESCO world heritage sites, the country has a lot that may amaze you. Sri Lanka from the pearl of Indian Ocean to world’s oldest human-planted tree, carry many things that are yet uncovered. The vibrant culture and tradition of Sri Lanka also attract the visitors to experience something new. Here are the interesting facts about Sri Lanka down below.

Interesting facts about Sri Lanka

Unknown facts about Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka is mugged up with a number of interesting destinations that makes the trip to the country wonderful. The places, beaches, forests, mountains, National parks, museums and many more places connected with distinctive facts are quite fascinating. The country is amazingly interesting with many facts that will definitely surprise you and heave you up to have a tour to Sri Lanka.

Tea business is quite famous in Sri Lanka

Tea is a big business in Sri Lanka; the first tea was brought in 1824 and was displayed in the Royal Botanical Gardens outside Kandy grown to a great business. More things about the tea business of Sri Lanka are here below.

Tea in Sri Lanka
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  • The teardrop island is the leading tea producer.
  • Exports over 1 million of its 22 million people working for the tea industry.
  • The tea plants area is mugged with greenery, where a number of tourists visit every year.

Adam’s Peak most Sacred Mountain in the World

Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka
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The peak has the footprint that believed to be Lord Buddha’s footprints, whereas the Tamil Hindus believe that is the footprint of Lord Shiva. Christians and Muslims, on the other hand, believe that this was the footprint of Adam. It is one of the most sacred peaks in the entire world. Also, it has Pilgrims from all over the world climb to its peak by candle lights to stand in the famous.

Thousand years old outstanding Fortress

Fun facts about Sri Lanka
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Situated in the central Matale district near Dam bulla town, the Sigiriya or Sinhagiri is an ancient rock fortress, the site of Archaeological significance. According to the ancient chronicle of Sri Lanka, King Kasyapa selected the site for new capital. It is a UNESCO world heritage site as well. This historical building is 200 meters along with a massive column.

Sri Lanka – Cinnamon’s origins

Cinnamon is quite famous and well known all around the world. Its origin was actually in Sri Lanka by some Egyptians in early 2000BC. Some other interesting things about the cinnamon of Sri Lanka are below.

  • Used as perfuming in the embalming process and as a spice as well.
  • 80-90% of Cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka in all over the world.
  • Sri Lanka is having a good Cinnamon business which provides huge profits for the country.

Sinharaja Rainforest home to animals

Interesting facts about Sri Lanka
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One of the last of its kind in Asia, the Sinharaja Rainforest is located in the southwestern lowlands of Sri Lanka. Monkeys, elephants and other animals have made this area their home and roam freely with many other species. In the incredibly beautiful rainforest, you will also find 170 kinds of orchids which are world famous.

Sri Lanka a Multicultural heritage

Art has flourished in many forms in Sri Lanka, heavily influenced by the religion there is much classic work of art.  Encompasses sculpture, digital creations, painting, and performance are extraordinary, whereas, the contemporary art scene is vibrant. On weekends budding artists and students display their artistic work at Green Path, located just opposite from the Colombo National Museum.


Sri Lanka holds many more interesting facts that are quite amazing. The country offers distinctive culture and tradition to experience along with many interesting places to explore. Henceforth, if you are heading to Sri Lanka anytime soon, then we at Flight Expert can help you.

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