Interesting Facts About Frankfurt

Interesting facts about Frankfurt  –  Frankfurt is the historical city of coronations in Germany. It is also called the international city with the largest financial center on the continent and the smallest metropolis in the world. Frankfurt is the city of beauty in which there a lot to explore and discover. The city has many amazing facts within it. Frankfurt offers cultural enjoyment and extensive tours. Here, we will discuss the best interesting facts about Frankfurt.

Best interesting facts about frankfurt

The city has interesting architecture and the famous writer Goethe was born in Frankfurt. Frankfurt’s high-rise architecture is just attractive and amazing, and the collection of 13 museums is commendable which holds different works of art. Classical paintings and modern media everything comes under the art will amaze you in these museums.

Interesting facts about Frankfurt

There are many interesting facts that Frankfurt city is carrying within it. Undoubtedly the city is filled with many historical facts, fests and surroundings give the city an amazing look which makes the Frankfurt interesting place to visit. Here are some of the Facts and figures about Frankfurt that you would like to know before visiting if you haven’t.

Top interesting facts about Frankfurt

Throughout the Holy Roman Empire, new kings were elected here

In the early middle ages, the Holy Roman Empire began and continued until the 1800s by occupying modern-day Germany, Austria, Netherlands etc. For the permanent site for elections of emperors, and kings of empire Frankfurt was chosen. Ending with the coronation of the last Holy Roman Emperor, Habsburg Franz II in 1792, this continued for 400 years.

Largest inner-city forest in Germany

Frankfurt has the largest city forest in the country; the city is most densely populated cities in Germany. The city forest is the part of Frankfurt’s green belt with 3,866 hectares area. It is one of the world’s biggest urban forest. Many visitors from all around the world visit to explore this place.

Frankfurt means Ford of Franks

Emperor Charlemagne from which the city name came from is the one who referred settlement as “Franconovud” or “Ford of the Franks”. In 794 he built a royal council by himself. The settlements already existed before Charlemagne in the area for hundreds of years.

14 skyscrapers out of 15 in Germany stand in Frankfurt

There are 15 tallest skyscrapers in Germany out of which 14 is in Frankfurt. This is one of the most amazing and fascinating facts that will surely take you to this stunning city. Below mentioned are some of the other details about the tallest skyscraper.

Frankfurt interesting facts

  • The Commerzbank tower is the tallest one stands at 260 meters height, which is equal to the height of 52 giraffes.
  • The tower is one of the biggest and tallest office buildings in Europe was built in 1997.

During WWII, animals escaped the Zoo and wandered the streets

Including Dr. Steinbacher, the director and almost all the male employees of the zoo were conscripted during World War II, throughout the war animals had to remain in their enclosures. But in 1944, 27 bombs destroyed all the buildings of the zoo and all the animals escaped and roaming the streets including some lions and tigers and to protect the public they had to be killed sadly.

The Opera House considered Germany’s Most Beautiful Ruin

In 1944 burned down by bombs in World war II Alte Oper lay in ruin for decades. It is known as Germany’s most beautiful ruin. To finance the renovation more than 11 million marks were raised to finance the renovation which completed in 1980.

Frankfurt airport’s baggage system is 67km long

Frankfurt Airport

It is Europe’s fourth-biggest airport with the baggage system equal to the length of one and a half marathons. Receives annually more than 60 million passengers, handles 460,000 flights, transports 2 million tons of cargo and with 75,00 staff. Frankfurt became the coronation city in 1356.


These top interesting facts about Frankfurt amazingly makes the Frankfurt best place to visit. Such fantastic historical facts are here in Frankfurt which excites visitors from all around the world to visit Frankfurt a beautiful, cultural, historical and modern city. So, if you haven’t been to Frankfurt yet, then book your tickets right away from us at

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