Interesting Facts About Dhaka

Interesting facts about Dhaka –  Are you in the search for the top interesting facts about Dhaka? If the answer is yes, then this is probably the best place to be in. You might have known Dhaka as the capital of Bangladesh but it is much more than this. Dhaka has its traditional roots and has its association with the commercial, industrial, agricultural and political aspects. Here we will discuss some of the most interesting facts about Dhaka.

Dhaka Interesting facts

The rich traditions and the interesting history of Dhaka have managed to attract a lot of tourists over the years. And the number of tourists visiting the area has only increased with the time. This city definitely stands on the expectations and pressure that comes with the capital city. Dhaka is much more than the traditions and the boring business numbers.

Unleashing the interesting facts about Dhaka, Bangladesh

Every city or country has its own unique features that make it different and worth a visit for the travelers. Dhaka is one such city that has many facts that will leave you spellbound for all the good reasons. Ranging from the bizarre facts to the beautiful one Dhaka has facts for everyone to visit this beautiful at least once. Below mentioned are some of the facts listed so scroll down to brush up your knowledge.

The story behind the city’s name

This has to be the foremost and the most interesting fact about Dhaka. The name is one such thing that gives a particular place the unique identity. But Dhaka has a full fledge interesting story behind its name. Below mentioned are some of the possible theories provided by the people of Dhaka.

  • The most popular one is that it was named after the hidden Goddess Dhakeshwari.
  • The other theories suggest it could also be named after Dhak tree or Dhak, the musical instrument.

Ardent fan of Cricket

You have to be from some other planet if you are not aware of the cricket love by the people of Dhaka and the whole Bangladesh. This city literally worships cricket, moreover, Dhaka is home to not only the national stadium but country’s top Cricket celebrities too. Besides that, everyone here loves to play cricket and organizes matches on the regular basis.

Scrumptious dishes

Almost every city, every country has modernized or westernized the traditional dishes with the changing time in order to match up the requirements of the people. But Dhaka is one such city that has not changed a bit and has managed to stick to its traditional roots. You will get to taste a wide range of delicious cuisines that will make you wish never leave the city.

Capital of Rickshaw

Dhaka has more than 80 thousands rickshaw pullers that makes it the capital of the rickshaw pullers in the whole world. According to estimates, rickshaws can run Bangladesh for about a month with approximately $4.8 billion. This makes the traveling or commuting pretty easy for the locals and the travelers.

Festivals and architectural heritage

Dhaka is a fun city to live in that loves to celebrate a wide range of festivals. If there is one thing that you will never run out from then it has to be fun oriented festivals. Also, Dhaka is the home to the one of the most beautiful and historical architectural heritage. The old part of the city has lots of mosques and establishments and they are mentioned below in the list.

  1. Liberation War Museum.
  2. Bara Katra.
  3. National Assembly Building.
  4. Ahsan Manzil.
  5. Bangladesh itself has a good number of parks, monuments, religious sites and ancient structures.


Dhaka is one place that you would like to visit time and again for the interesting things it has to offer to every traveler. IT has something nice and different for every person visiting this city. Aforementioned are the top interesting facts about the city. Therefore, go ahead and now go through these facts and plan to visit this city right now.


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