Book flights with Flight Expert

How to Book flights with Flight Expert website

Book flights with Flight Expert website

The style of travelling has changed a lot since the last 2 decades. Thanks to the quick development of internet that connected the world in a way that it was never before. Internet is delivering lots of information to the furthest corner of the world. This flow of information is shaping every business, activities, movements and outlooks of the peoples. Travelling is no exception at all.

With the introduction of online travel agencies, the way of travelling changed a lot. It received a boost as people can arrange a lot of time consuming stuffs with couple of clicks or swaps. Previously, the most difficult and time consuming task before travelling was to book a ticket. People had to visit travel agencies or airlines offices, wait in long lines and do all the hard stuff. Also comparing the air fare and other facilities was an impossibility. But now anyone can book an air ticket within a couple of minutes while staying at home. Also they can compare ticket prices of different airlines and select the best one for them.

These sort of advantages really works as encouragement for the travelers. That is why we can see a rapid growth in the travel industries. More and more people are traveling in these days. In 2016, a huge 1.24 Billion international travel occurred compared to 25-35 million in 1960-70s. In the upcoming days it will increase even more. New consumers of travel industry like millennials & baby boomers are looking for more experiences.  With the technical development in many sectors, the travelling industry is going to offer more & more advantages to the future travelers of the world.

Previously most of the travelers came from the western part of the world, namely USA & UK and Europe. But in recent times, more and more travelers are emerging from Asian countries like China, India, Srilanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh and many more. With the emerge of online travel agencies in these regions, travelers are having more reasons to smile. Online travel agencies of different countries have turned in to giant corporations. Like Make My Trip of India, Ctrip of China, Pep My Trip of Srilanka, Nusa Trip of Indonesia etc. Bangladesh has recently joined the club. Several Bangladeshi online travel agency are already in operation. Among them Flight Expert has already created a unique position. With their big fan base and quality services, Flight Expert is enjoying quite a popularity in Bangladesh. They are doing well in providing services like online flight booking in Bangladesh, hotel reservation & Umrah packages.

In this article we will show you how you can book flights with Flight Expert website. For their customers they have built a user friendly website. This website allows anyone to search and book air tickets & hotels online. It involves a simple procedure to book air tickets with Flight Expert website. Yet we are writing this article so you can resolve any kind of confusion. Besides they also have their customer care phone number & email address to assist you. We also added a video with this blog post which will explain things in more details about how to book flights with Flight Expert.


The below steps will guide you about how book flights with Flight Expert website.


How to book flights with Flight Expert


Step 1: Go to Website 

If you want to book flights with Flight Expert website the first, go to the website by typing the site URL in your browser: https://www.flightexpert.com/


Step 2: Sign Up

Start with registering with the website first. You can start searching for flights without even registering. But the registration is mandatory when you need to book a ticket. You will find the registration button on the top part of the home screen. If you cannot find it then check the screenshot or follow this link: https://goo.gl/RFpUAz . The registration/sign up process is very simple one. All you need is an active email address & phone number. You will get a confirmation email once the registration is successfully done. If you have already registered the use the login button to sign in.

Book flights with Flight Expert
Step 2 – Register with Flight Expert website


Step 3: Search Flights

After signing up with flight expert you can start searching your flight. Under the Search For Best Flights section, you will see 3 main tabs: Round Trip, One Way & Multi Stop. Round Trip will provide you information about both departing and returning tickets at once. One Way will inform you just about the departing tickets. Multi Stop will provide you information about flights with multiple stoppages which is cost effective. Start the process by selecting one of them.

Under those tabs, you will find three sections named as: From, To & Departing. If you select the Round Trip option, then you will find another section named Returning. You will have to fill up all the information in this sections.

In the From section you will have to write the departing city or Airport name. For example, if you want to travel from Dhaka then you need to type Dhaka in that box. After typing couple of letters a drop down will appear and you will see the name of Shahjalal International Airport. Select that one by clicking on it.

In the To Section, you need to put the name of the destination. For example, if you want to go to Bali, Indonesia, then type Bali. In the same fashion, a drop down will come and you need to select Bali from that.

In the Departing section you need to enter the date on which you will do the travel. This is important to enter the exact date since flight ticket price may vary from day to day.

Book flights with Flight Expert
Step 2: Search Flights

Previously if you have selected the Round Trip then another option you need to fill-up. That is Returning. You need to enter the date on which you would like to book your return flight.

The final box in the section is titled as Class. Use this one to select on which class you are willing to travel. There are four available classes: Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First class. Please select the one you prefer.

Now you will see, there is another section that takes information about Adults, Children & Infants. You need to fill up this section according to how many people will fly in this booking. Please indicate that by selecting the appropriate numbers of adults, children & infants.

Once you are done with providing all the information in this section then go ahead and press Search for Flights.


Step 4: Flight Results

After clicking on the Search for Flights button, it will take you to the next step of booking flights that is called Flight Results. Here you will find all the available flights on the basis of the information you provided earlier (e.g. destination, date). You will find all the necessary information of these flights including departure time, flight duration and ticket price. You can easily check the ticket prices of all the available flights and compare them with one another. In this way you will be able to pick the most suitable flight for you. Also there is a Book Now button beside every flight options. Once you are done with your selection, just press the Book Now Button and it will take you to the next step.

Book flights with Flight Expert
Step 4: Flight Results


Step 5: Passenger Details

After pressing the Book Now button you will reach the next step that is known as Passenger Details. Here you will have to provide all the necessary information about you as a passenger. The required information includes your name, phone number, email, passport number, passport expiry date, date of birth, gender, country address and city. Carefully fill-up these information one by one. When you are done, click on the Continue button at the lower right corner of the screen.

Book flights with Flight Expert
Step 5: Passenger Details



Step 6: Review Booking

Then you will be guided to the next step that is known as Review Booking. Here all your information are displayed and you will have the final chance to check them again. If you have any issues then you can correct them. When you are done with this, scroll down and you will find a box that says: I have Read and Accept the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. You have to mark that box. Then you will find the payment options under that. There will be 2 payment methods available, first one is the payment with United States Dollar (USD). You can either use Visa or Master Card. There is also another available option which is good for Bangladeshi users, that is to pay with Bangladeshi Taka (BDT). You can use almost all the popular payment methods of Bangladesh including Visa, Master Cards, Amex cards, all the major bank cards, bKash, rocket and many more.

Book flights with Flight Expert
Step 6: Review & Payment


You can either select payment with USD or BDT. Once you are done with selection then you will see two available options below at the right part of the screen. One is Book Now Pay Later and another is Continue.

If you want to book the seat now and pay it later then you can choose Book Now Pay Later option.  Basically this will be the end of your booking procedure. After this the agents from Flight Expert will contact you and you can discuss with them about your preferred payment methods, time etc.

If you are okay with online paying then you can proceed with Continue button. It will take you to the next step.


Step 7: Payments

This will be the final step of booking air tickets with Flight Expert website. In this step you will be redirected to the payment gateway where you will find all the available payment options. Also you will see the gross amount is displayed in large fonts. If you have any confusions then you can cancel order by clicking on the Cancel Order option. It will take you to the home page again where you can restart the process. If you are ok with the price then please select any one of the available options from the right side of the screen. Once you click on the option, it will redirect you to the website of the respective bank or payment method where you will be to put your credentials to initiate online payments.

Book flights with Flight Expert
Step 7: Payments


So basically these are the steps that you will need to book flights with Flight Expert website. It is very easy and the website functions perfectly so you will feel comfortable with that. Flight Expert website has SSL certifications and other security measures enabled so you can enjoy world class security. Your cards and all the data are fully safe with Flight Expert. So go ahead and search your destination flights and book flights with Flight Expert website: https://www.flightexpert.com/



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