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Flights from Dhaka to Sylhet –  Dhaka to Sylhet flights are quite common in Bangladesh, but if you are a new traveler, you definitely more information on the routes& tickets. It is perplexing to find the cheapest flights as there are bulk of options which makes one confused whom to go with. This is one of the most important parts of traveling, but apart from that knowing a little extra information would make your trip even better . Flight expert helps to provide you the best flights rates and makes your trip hurdle free and makes sure to provide the best flights from Dhaka to Sylhet.

Cheap flights from Dhaka to Sylhet
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Sylhet is a divisional city in north-eastern Bangladesh. Historians believe Sylhet was an expanded commercial center. The city is described as the “City of Saints”. The number of tourists plans their trips from Dhaka to Sylhet and to have the best flights prices is the major priority of the tourists. It is a wonderful city that definitely deserves your visit.

The Distance, Route, and Fare from Dhaka to Sylhet Flights (DAC to ZYL)

The calculated flying distance from Dhaka to Sylhet is equal to 123 miles which are equal to 199 km. The nearest airport to Dhaka is Zia International Airport and the nearest airport to Sylhet is Osmani International Airport. The average fare from Dhaka to Sylhet is BDT 4504.38 ($53.94USD). Prices may be different in peak seasons, you can check out with your travel expert. Flight expert can provide you with the best rates and services. The flights from Dhaka to Sylhet are below.

  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines.
  • US-Bangla Airlines.

Airport Address and Contact numbers

Dhaka Airport

Dhaka Airport
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Shahjalal International Airport

Airport Road, sector 1, Kurmitola, Dhaka1229

Phone: 02-7911042

Sylhet Airport

Best flights from Dhaka to Sylhet
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Address: Osmani International Airport, Sylhet 3101, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 821-714243

The Best Hotels in Sylhet

Hotel booking is also a major part of the trip as you must be aware of the best hotels and services the city you visit. Sylhet is a beautiful place with eye-catching sites and the hotels of Sylhet are best and beautiful to stay. You must want to know about the best hotels and services then here is the list of top best hotels in Sylhet.

  • Rose View Hotel
  • DuSai Resort & Spa
  • Nazimgarh Garden Resort
  • Hotel Noorjahan Grand
  • Excelsior Sylhet Hotel &
  • Hotel Valley Garden

When is the best time to visit Sylhet?

Book cheap flights from Dhaka to Sylhet
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January and February is the most crowded time in Sylhet, so if you do not fancy exploring a new place among crowds then drop your plan in these specific months. These are the pleasant months to visit in terms of weather. June, August are the hottest months to visit Sylhet. So, apart from these months, you can plan your trip for a safe and convenient travel.

What are the top attractions of Sylhet?

Sylhet provides beautiful sites to the visitors with the top sights which will make you enjoy your trip immensely. It has many beautiful attractions which offer a teat to the eyes and there is a lot to do in Sylhet. Let us discuss some top attractions of Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Ratargul Swamp Forest

This is one of the top tourist attraction of Sylhet, beautiful freshwater swamp forest. The boat ride is the best way to explore the beauty of this water forest. The amazing greeneries and tree shadows provide wonderful scenarios.


On the beautiful Piyain river a long journey on an engine water boat. The mountain view, crystal water, and the beautiful view. There is one floating restaurant here as well, this will amaze you and make your trip memorable.


This waterfall is the famous site of Sylhet, the beauty of the destination is immensely outstanding and amazing. This is the place that one should visit if pon Sylhet tour.


Above mentioned the very information about Dhaka to Sylhet is to the mark, the flight rates, bookings, hotels, seasons, attractions provide you the complete information regarding Sylhet. Hopefully, this entire information will be of great help to you.

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