Flights from Dhaka to Kolkata

Flights From Dhaka to Kolkata

Flights from Dhaka to Kolkata –  Are you looking for the cheap yet comfortable Air tickets & flights from Dhaka to Kolkata? If the answer is yes, then you have found yourself the perfect spot. Meeting with people’s travel requirements is Flight Expert’s Expertise and no other company can beat it in this. We at Flight Expert are a team member of skilled and professional persons who focus on making the traveling easier than the older days. For more details, you can contact us on +88-09617-111-888 or can drop your requirement at our email: sales@flightexpertbd.com to book ticket from top airlines in Bangladesh.

Flights from Dhaka to Kolkata

Traveling by air is the simplest method to reach from one city to another or simply from one country to another. You can choose from the budget-oriented flights to the super luxurious flights according to your pocket. Back in the older days, choosing a suitable flight was a difficult task but the Internet has surely made our life easier in so many ways.

List Of Airline Tickets You Can Book From Flight Expert

Here are the list of the flight tickets which you can book for the flight from Dhaka to Kolkata

  1. Bangladesh Biman Flight tickets from Dhaka to Kolkata.
  2. Jet Airways Flight tickets.
  3. Regent Airways Flight Tickets
  4. Novoair Flight Tickets.

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About Dhaka and Kolkata

Traveling is the biggest source of earning exposure, experience, and knowledge. But before traveling to an unknown location or country, you need to equip yourself with the details about that specific place. This will definitely help in making your traveling easy and will reduce the dependency on the travel guides. Below mentioned are the few details about the two different cities of two different countries.


About Kolkata

Kolkata earlier known as Calcutta is the second biggest city in India. This is also the capital city of the Indian state, West Bengal. Kolkata is best famous and known for its deep roots of culture and history associated till now. There is nothing that a traveler cannot find in here to accomplish the real travel goals. Kolkata city is basically famous for the Howrah Bridge. Once you are here, you just cannot miss the sweet delicacies this city has to offer. Below mentioned are some of the tourist spots that you can visit.

  • Belur Math
  • Marble Palace.
  • Victoria Memorial.
  • Botanical Gardens.
  • Indian museums.


About Dhaka

Dhaka is not only the capital city but also the largest city of Bangladesh. Dhaka will not fail to impress you by any means. This city has the most beautiful locations you will ever find in Bangladesh. Along with the famous tourist spots, it also has scrumptious cuisines to offer. It is one of the wealthiest and prosperous cities in the world for the obvious reasons. You would definitely visit this city again for it has so much to offer to a traveler.

Important Information Related to Dhaka Kolkata Flights

Dhaka kolkata flights are very much popular in Bangladesh. There are total 70 flights departed from Dhaka to Kolkata Airport in a week. The Arial distance of dhaka – Kolkata is exactly 238 Km and you’ll reach the destination in max. 1 hours and 42 minutes. Now talking about the cheapest fare to reach at Kolkata from Dhaka is Rs 4893. SpiceJet, Regent Airways, Us Bangla Airlines, Jet Airways, Biman Bangladesh, Etihad Airways, Novoair, and Air India are the brands which are providing flights to this route.

Now the question arises that if you are in a hurry and want to reach Kolkata as fast as you can then we suggest you to go for Biman Bangladesh Flights. This flight provide you fastest services and may be you’ll reach Kolkata in 50 minutes. The economic price of flights for this route varies from Rs 4893 to Rs 7893 depending on the brands and services provided to you in flights.


Why should you choose Flight Expert for the best flights from Dhaka to Kolkata?

You might have come across a variety of companies that offer the best services in the travel world. But if you are looking for some affordable flights that are comfortable at the same time then Flight Expert is the place you need to consider. If you are still not impressed, then here we have compiled the list of the several benefits that you will get after booking flights from Flight Expert.

  1. We offer the best services to our customers by every possible mean.
  2. Booking flights with us will make your journey simpler and comfortable.
  3. You can choose from the various flights by different airlines according to your budget and other requirements.
  4. Also, you can find the lowest rates on Spice Jet, Air India Express, IndiGo, Biman, Regent Airways – 7% discount on all VISA Cards.
  5. We also offer additional discounts to our loyal and new customers who become a part of us by booking flights from our online services.
  6. You can choose from the various flights available, you can either choose the budget-oriented flights by not burning a hole in your pocket. Or can simply spend extravagant amount to avail the luxuries offered by airlines.
  7. You can not only book flights but also can choose the further things to do in the destination location.
  8. We have a different set of flights that you can choose from according to your requirements and convenience.

So if you are looking for cheap air tickets from dhaka (DAC) to Kolkata of following flights like Bangladesh Biman Airlines, Jet Airways Air Lines, Regent Airways , Air India, US Bangla. Then contact flight expert for the cost and price with complete flight schedule. Visit: https://www.flightexpert.com or call at:  +88-09617-111-888

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How to book Dhaka Kolkata Air Tickets Online

If you want to buy Dhaka Kolkata air tickets online then please visit our website:

For instructions, please check this video tutorial



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