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Flights From Dhaka To Chittagong/ Chattogram | Dhaka to Chattogram Air Ticket

Dhaka to Chittagong flights

Flights from Dhaka to Chittagong / Chattogram –  Are you planning a trip to Bangladesh? Do you want the best deals on flights from Dhaka to Chittagong (CGP)? If the answer is yes, the Flight Expert is certainly the answer to all your queries and problems. You can find suitable flights at any time and also at affordable rates. We make the struggles of finding the best flights easy like never before. For more details of airlines like Bangladesh Biman, Regent Airways, NOVOAIR & US Bangla flight tickets from Dhaka to CGP (Chittagong) you can contact us mail us anytime, we are always happy to be at your service.


Dhaka and Chittagong are both the beautiful places located in Bangladesh. These both places are unique in their ways and become an easy option for the travelers to visit. Traveling by air is the most comfortable and time-saving option when compared to other transportation methods. Undoubtedly, airfares are expensive because of the obvious reasons but the luxury and comfort will definitely overshadow every penny spent. But with Flight Expert you can find flights, compare fares and book tickets on low prices. Consequently, you will be getting the cheap flights from Dhaka to Chittagong easily.

About Dhaka and Chittagong /  Chattogram

Dhaka is the proud and beautiful capital of the country Bangladesh. It is located on the banks of Buriganga River surrounded by the utmost beauty of nature. You will be in spell after coming across the beautiful locations like dense tropical forests, sprawling mountain ranges, verdant tea gardens, and blue-green lakes to name a few of them. This capital city has expertise in the trade of jute and textiles. Not only this, this city is the world’s leading exporters of the handicrafts in case you were wondering about the souvenirs. It also has several structures, temples, churches that are sure to attract your interest in some way. The restaurants in Dhaka offer scrumptious food that will have you visit again and again.

Ships and containers at Chittagong Port

Dhaka Airport address

House #11/A, Road #10, Sector #01, Uttara, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh

Phone number: 02-7911042

Here is some information about Chittagong. Chittagong covers the southern part of the country and is one of the most beautiful places you will ever witness. This city is also known for being the largest seaport in the country. It has several man-made and natural attractions to see that will definitely cast a spell on you. One of the most popular attractions of the city that has a strong religious significance associated with is the ‘Shrine of Hazrat Bayezead Bostami‘. There are several interesting facts about chittagong If you like adventure and are fond of hiking then Chittagong is the perfect place for you. Nature lovers can visit the various locations like Khagrachori Waterfall, Kaptai Lake, and Bandarban. This place will definitely keep you entertained and will make you visit again.

Shohid Zia Park – Chittagong

Chittagong Airport Address

Shah Amanat International Airport, South Patenga, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Phone Number: +880 31 500 171 / +880 31 740 900

Important Information of Flights from Dhaka to Chittagong / Chattogram 

Here are some important things which help you in choosing the right flight from Dhaka to Chittagong

Beautiful Patenga Beach, Chittagong

Dhaka to Chittagong Air ticket price – DAC to CGP Air  Ticket Fair

Ticket fare is always the very first inquiry in a travelers mind. But mostly it is hard to provide a fixed fair. Because air ticket fair changes from day to day. Also, there are many criteria like if you book the ticket in advance (early bird) then you will get a lower price than the immediate booking. Still, we tried to provide a standard fair list for your convenience. Please note that this fair may go up or down depending on the travel date, special occasions, airlines decisions etc. So you can know Dhaka to Chittagong flight price online.

Every day there are 20 available flights per day. The average flight duration is more or less 50 minutes to 1 hour. All the domestic airlines including Bangladesh Biman provides Dhaka to Chittagong flights. Here we are listing the available airlines and the ticket fair** from Dhaka to Chittagong and vice versa. We are providing the price per person and the range from lowest to highest.

Top Hotels in Chittagong (AKA Chattogram)

If you are on a business or a personal trip and you do not have much friends or relatives at Chittagong, then you must think about some good quality hotels. There are many of them. To save you from trouble, we have made a list of the top hotels of Chittagong. Here it is:

Top Hotels in Chittagong

You can google their names for address & other information.

Why should you choose Flight Expert for the best flights from Dhaka to Chittagong Bangladesh?

Travelling could be for any reasons are it for office work/ trip, vacation etc. The expensive fares of the flights are one of the most common reasons behind people preferring other transportation methods. We at Flight Expert offer you the best and affordable flights to choose from at any time. You can choose the most suitable flight from the various airlines associated with us at the cost-effective rates. If you are still not impressed then below mentioned are some of the benefits of choosing us over any other company. These reasons will definitely have you book the tickets right away.

  1. We have every type of flight with every facility available which will make your decision process simpler.
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  3. Pre-booking option is also available for you to get the more affordable luxury journey.
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  5. We make the flight booking experience extremely easy without even leaving your home.
  6. Our company has professional and skilled team members that arrange your trip like no other company in the same business.

We have every quality to top your list to book flight tickets from DAC to Chittagong. If you are looking for the online portal where you can easily book affordable tickets from DAC to Chittagong in Bangladesh then we are the best option for you. So, go ahead, browse our website (, and feel free to drop any kind of inquiry to us or call at:  +88-09617-111-888

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*Air fares are subject to change and Flight Expert is not responsible for this.

* Information source: Respective airlines websites.

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