World Consumers Rights Day at Flight Expert

World Consumers Rights Day

What is consumer rights? Basically it is the certain rights that you should enjoy if you are a lawful consumer of anything. This means if a buyer is spending their money to buy something, then the seller is liable to acknowledge the buyer’s certain rights and act accordingly.

Generally accepted basic consumer rights are:

(1) Right to safety: protection from hazardous goods.

(2) Right to be informed about the product or service.

(3) Right to choose the product or service.

(4) Right to be heard about the product or service.

Every year on the 15th of March we celebrate the World Consumer Rights Day. The event was inspired from the late president of USA, John F Kennedy.  He delivered a special message to the congress about consumer rights on this day in 1962. After that since 1983, every year this World Consumers Rights Day is celebrated to raise global awareness on consumer rights.

It has been 50 years since the celebration of the day started. Yet there are many countries where consumer rights are yet to be established properly. As a developing country, Bangladesh is one of them. Though many modern companies in our country has started recognizing the importance of consumer rights. Flight Expert is one of those companies who preserves consumer rights with utmost care.

At Flight Expert, we take care of our customers as our family. We believe our customers are our main asset and we should preserve, protect and nurture them. Our main concentration is not profit building, but to provide proper service to the customers with honesty. We believe if we maintain this way of doing business, no one can stop us from flourishing.

Let us discuss some points which we always keep practicing at Flight Expert so our clients can enjoy our premium services while staying safe & concern free. We love take all the risks and let our customer enjoy a stress free time while they are doing business with us.


Privacy concern? We’ve got your back.

We always value your privacy and safety. And we use all the possible organizational, technical, & administrative measures to ensure you that your information is fully safe with us. Yet if you have any concerns or doubt about that, you can directly talk with us. If you have any issues, then please immediately call us at +88-09617-111-888; or email us: sales@flightexpert.com so we can take immediate steps.


Providing Best Price with Guarantee. No kidding.

We are the first online travel agency of Bangladesh to introduce official BPG (Best Price Guarantee) offer. And it is not just a promotional dialogue. We actually mean it. We are committed to beat or match any rates in the market. In case, if you book a ticket with us and you find a better rate in the Bangladeshi market, please just notify us with proof. We will either cancel your booking and full provide a full refund, or refund you the entire difference in price. Visit our terms & conditions for more information on this.


Concerned about credit card and online transaction? Already taken care of!

We have taken all the modern technical measures to protect your credit card. To ensure that your card is not used without your consent, we will your name, address and contact number supplied by you during the booking process against appropriate third party databases. Also our website is SSL certified so you don’t have to worry about cyber security.


Don’t brainstorm about disputes. We’ll handle with care.

Customer satisfaction has always been our primary concern. This is why whenever a dispute arises, we always try our best to solve it within the shortest possible time in a fair & cost effective way. We always encourage you to contact us by calling or email it is a promise that we will get back to you within a short time and your issue will be taken care of with utmost importance.


Special offers? We’ve got a bunch!

As a part of our customer business policy, we have introduced our Compassion Exception Policy (CEP). Under this policy, special discounts are offered for military, cases of natural disasters, bereavement, customers with visual Impairments senior citizens & youths.


Category Eligibility requirements Discount off service fees
Bangladesh Army/Navy/Air force (traveler and Immediate family*) Military ID must be provided 100% discount off Flight Expert cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees
Customers directly affected by severe weather, natural disaster or other uncontrollable event If airline is waiving change/cancel fees, we will follow 100% discount off Flight Expert cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees
Bereavement (affecting traveler and Immediate family*) Letter from the funeral center is required 100% discount off Flight Expert cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees
Customers with visual impairments Customer must state that he or she has a visual impairment and is unable to use the web site 50% discount off Flight Expert cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees.
Senior citizens (65 years and over) Proof of DOB required 50% discount off Flight Expert cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees.
Youth (between 18 and 25) Proof of DOB required 50% discount off Flight Expert cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees.


Need to cancel booking? We know that such situation may arise.

To protect your data avoid security issues, we only allow ticket cancellation only over phone and not via email or chats. Situation might arise when you may need to cancel the booking with us, we understand that. In that case when you request us a cancellation, a unique password is generated and send across your email address which you used while booking with us. Provide the password to our agents over phone to initiate cancellation.


Tickets please!

Most tickets are electronic (e-Tickets), however with certain itineraries where an e-Ticket is not available a paper ticket will be issued. If an e-Ticket could not be issued for a particular reservation or if a delivery was being made of another product or service, Flight Expert will send the paper ticket, product or service through a secure mode of delivery (a reputable carrier company). If an e-Ticket is generated the ticket information will be available on the Site.


Too err is human

If any of our agents, make a mistake in the booking process we shall make reasonable attempts to rectify these errors at the time of occurrence. Flight Expert stands committed to providing compensation up to a maximum of the entire service fees that Flight Expert has collected for that booking in addition to a 2000 BDT coupon as redemption towards purchases from Flight Expert within 12 months in the future. You must notify us of errors within 24 hours of receiving your itinerary.

All of these arrangements of Flight Expert are made only for the sole purpose to achieve the satisfaction of our customers. This customer focused business has taken us so far where we are right now. And we aim to keep it up in the upcoming days. In this Consumer Rights Day in 2018, we would like to congratulate our customers who have supported us all this way. In return, we would like to say that, dear customer, whatever we did, we are doing or we will do, all is about you. It is all about your journey.



Sincerely Yours,


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