How to Book SpiceJet Airlines Tickets from Bangladesh

Hello & welcome to our blog. Today we will talk about how you can book SpiceJet Airlines tickets from Bangladesh.

Lot of people from Bangladesh prefers SpiceJet airlines. The main reason is the cost efficiency of this airlines. For example you can fly from Dhaka to Kolkata with a cost as low as $56.00 USD or 4650 BDT only. SpiceJet maintains small and low cost carrier aircraft and they always focus on providing the best service with the possible low cost. For this reason, SpiceJet has gained a lot of popularity among the Bangladeshi air travelers.

spicejet in Bangladesh

Before starting to explain the procedures of how to Book SpiceJet Airlines tickets from Bangladesh, let me give you some idea about background, history and services of SpiceJet.

Background and History of SpiceJet

SpiceJet started their journey in 1994 as an air taxi provider to ModiLuft airlines of India. Later it was purchased by the renowned Indian entrepreneur Mr. Ajay Sing in 2004. After that it was relaunched as Spice Jet. The main intention of this airlines was to provide low cost service to the mass people. At the time of launching, it was the third largest aircraft of India after Air Deccan & IndiGo Airlines.

Their starting was not smooth. Initially SpiceJet was facing financial loses. In 2012, the rising of the crude oil price caused them a loss of about $6.0 Million US dollars. The stocks went all down and the company was on the verge of extinction. From this situation, it was hard for any company to turn back. But it was happened in the case of SpiceJet. Under the leadership of Ajay Sing, the company quickly recovered the loss and started to look forward. Also they placed orders for new air craft to serve their increasing customer base.

spicejet in Bangladesh


As of 2018, SpiceJet operates 306 daily flights to different destinations. Currently they are maintaining flights to 39 domestic (Indian) destinations and 6 international destinations. The international destination are: Kabul, Dhaka, Malé, Muscat, Colombo, Bangkok and Dubai.


They are currently maintaining a fleet of 57 aircraft. Their fleet consist:

  • Boeing 737-700 – 2 aircraft
  • Boeing 737-800 – 28 Aircraft
  • Boeing 737-900ER – 4 Aircraft
  • Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 – 23 Aircraft

Another 180 Aircraft are currently in order by Spice Jet:

  • Boeing 737 MAX 8 – 155 Aircraft in order
  • Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 NG – 25 Aircraft in order

spicejet in Bangladesh

In Flight entertainment

SpiceJet is committed to provide excellent in-flight entertainment to their passengers. Their team of crew are very creative, intelligent and modest. They will take care of your needs and respond to your queries with utmost respect. Passengers will be served with fresh, hot and delicious mean. The airlines has always claimed about their special care about the food items, which is evident in their flights.

spicejet in Bangladesh

Why use SpiceJet for travelling

As a matter of  fact, SpiceJet is one of the most budget friendly airlines of recent times. The cost of tickets are even lower than budget friendly airlines like Bangladesh Biman and Air India. The company was established with the sole ambition which is to provide low cost air tickets to the mass people. It is a budget airlines and preferred by the people who want to save some money from their travels cost.

You can fly with SpiceJet to the above mentioned destination with a considerably low cost. For example, if you want to go to Dubai from Dhaka, then the cost will be around $200-$250 USD per person. But if you fly to Dubai from Kolkata using Spice Jet, then the cost will be around $160 USD only per person. So there is a lot of savings.


How to Book SpiceJet Airlines tickets from Bangladesh

Right now there is only one office of Spice Jet in Dhaka. You can buy tickets from there. The address of SpiceJet Dhaka office is:

SKYJET Aviation Ltd.
Taj Cassilina (1st floor), 25 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
Email- salessupport.dac@spicejet.com

Also there website address is: http://spicejet.com/

In this case you will have to contact them physically for ticket booking. You will not get the online support that is applicable when you book from their website.

There is another way to buy SpiceJet Airlines ticket from Bangladesh. That is to buy from a renowned online travel agency of Bangladesh. There are many online travel agencies available in Bangladesh. Flight Expert is one of the best among them. The benefit of buying Spice Jet tickets from Flight Expert is, you will be able to compare all the available flights to your destination. Another major advantage is, you will be able to book SpiceJet air ticket with BDT. Only Flight Expert will allow you to book SpiceJet air tickets with BDT. There may be reasons that you do not want to pay with USD. No worries here as Flight Expert accepts all the major payment systems along with mobile banking (such as bKash, Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking & many more).

You can buy SpiceJet Airlines tickets from Flight Expert website: https://flightexpert.com/
Also if you feel any issues then you can call them at this number: +88-09617-111-888
Yet If you feel any confusion or issues while booking from website, then here is a video tutorial for you about how to book air tickets with flight expert:

There may time come when we must put the luxury aside and be a minimalist at our approach to expenditures. In those times any kind of money saving comes handy for us. Also there is a saying that, ‘penny saved penny earned’. Finally, a big thanks to SpiceJet for allowing mass passengers to save literally big on domestic and international flights.


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