5 Lessons I Learned While Visiting Delhi

While I was planning for a year-end trip last year in winter, I got a short notice from my work to prepare for an official trip to Delhi.

As I had to prepare within 2 days to start the journey I was planning out from going to the bottom and the first thing I needed to do was booking flight tickets and hotel.

I spoke with my coworkers and everyone referred to Flight Expert regarding flight solutions and hotel bookings. And I did the right thing, I got the best services from them in the cheapest deal even in a short time!

Before I flew I looked over the weather of Delhi, the food places and most importantly the places to have a must-visit in a short time! And then finally by the first week of February, I flew to the destination to add mesmerizing memories in my memory book!

On my trip, I have learned quite a few new things which helped me afterward for any trip. Among all 5 lessons which I think are very important, I learned while visiting there are as below; give it a read!

  1. Eloquent foreign language

Learning any new language is always fun and exciting to me.

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world

Ludwig Wittgenstein

I try to learn new words/lines from different languages whenever I can.

Delhi is a modern city, locals fathom out and enunciate English but Hindi is their first language. It was my strong point that I understood a little of Hindi and could articulate as I had few obliging Indian oppos.

Before traveling to any foreign country it is important to know whether they have any native language other than English.

I did not face much language issues in the hotel or shopping mall as whoever I interacted with spoke in English. But while travelling in public transport I had to use Hindi as most of the drivers did not know English nor understand.

As my 3 days official training was taken by the international trainer, I was very much comfortable with their English fluency. Though Indian accent is a little different from the American or British accent but it is clear and understandable.

There in Delhi I got to visit a few places after my training time every evening and also after the end of the 3 day long training I took 2 days extra official leave to stay there and explore the city as much as I could.

There I went to a clothing shop in the mall named MGH Shopping mall near MGH road. I choose a dress but I was looking for a specific design pattern. I was trying to make the salesman understand what I was looking for. While he was talking I found his accent was different from me and so I asked him whether he is local or not. Then I got to know he was a Missourian. I talked to him for a little longer about how he put down roots there and how he is enjoying life there.

It is onerous in new places if you do not know the native language. But I was felicitous that I did not have to struggle much for my coworkers and my knowledge in native language.

  1. Ken the culture before voyage

You must learn about the culture of the place you plan to visit. There might be caveats, deviant customs, converse norms that you follow.

Delhi is the capital city of India. It is one of the happening, vivid and delightful cities in India. Before I traveled around I learnt about the restaurants, shops, their closing time and nearby emergency places.

There are few roots which are sometimes not safe especially for late night roaming for girls for the recent violence facts!

Though it’s a happening place, malls and shops get closed by 8 pm local time. So if you plan to go shopping late at night you might be disappointed. Also their shops maintain weekends on different days of the weeks depending on which area the shop is situated at.

However food places, restaurants, bars or pubs are open late almost every night!

  1. Meteorology is must

When you traverse an entirely new place, you should be enlightened about the climate and weather of that specific place. Not to know its good or bad weather but to prepare yourself, your outfits and other essentials accordingly. As John Ruskin says,

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather

In my visit, I prepared myself knowing that it is going to be too cold in there. But I did not expect it would feel like more than it was!

On day one, when I started from my hotel room for my training destination I knew it was going to be four degree celsius outside, but when I was actually out of the hotel it felt like less than zero degree. My warm clothes were not ample!

After suffering the whole day on my way back home I stopped at the nearby winter clothes shop, bought extra thermal clothes along with an overcoat to be cozy from the next day!

Even knowing about meteorology it was unease for me to match up with the weather. If I would speak to my coworkers about the climate, or if I would go through online it would be easier for me to be prepared accordingly, it was a great learning for me.

  1. Embrace newness

Everything new has a noteworthy lesson. Newness is an open source to learn and an opportunity to grow yourself. If you dive into newness you will find inner peace, you will see sophisticated life from different dimensions!

I think it’s natural for youth to be drawn to newness: The world is still new for them

David Mitchell

And so whenever I go to any new place I try to explore as much as I can to be drawn to newness.

In Delhi, I experienced riding in the underground metro as it is still not available in Bangladesh. As I had companies I enjoyed my journey even though it was crowded.

I was told earlier it is not safe for females to travel by underground metro there. But it is totally wrong, says my experience. It is safe and comfortable as well. Also it is quick to travel. In addition there is an individual female compartment in each metro where only ladies passengers can ride in.

I experienced new kinds of foods, enjoyed a late night bar-b-q with colleagues in the middle of an unknown place, roam around the city in the shivering cold under the city light and so on!

All these experiences taught me one thing and that is even if you are uncomfortable with what you’re doing, you should try to find moments of newness.

  1. Create your own Enchiridion

As I was travelling for a short trip and Delhi itself a huge place to explore in just 2 days. So I had to make sure to visit the main attractions.

I needed to study online and also I got help from my colleagues to choose wisely where I should give a must visit in these 2 days. I made my own enchiridion considering travel facilities, nearby places, and of course the places of attraction!

I visited Qutub Minar, Humayun’s tomb, India Gate in one day and Red fort and of course the sea beach Kutch on the second day as I am a sea lover!

Making my own travel guide helped me to travel easily in a short time planwise.

The power of a sudden and short trip is not to be underestimated if planned wisely. They inspire us to know life more closely and remind us that there is more to the world to discover!

Work! Save! Travel! Repeat!


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